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Sunday of the Prodigal Son

The Sunday after the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee is the Sunday of the Prodigal Son. This parable of God’s forgiveness calls us to “come to ourselves” as did the prodigal son, to see ourselves as being “in a far country” far from the Father’s house, and to make the journey of return to God. We are given every assurance by the Master that our heavenly Father will receive us with joy and gladness. We must only “arise and go,” confessing our self-inflicted and sinful separation from that “home” where we truly belong (Luke 15:11-24).

After the Polyeleion at Matins, we first hear the lenten hymn “By the Waters of Babylon.” It will be sung for the next two Sundays before Lent begins, and it serves to reinforce the theme of exile in today’s Gospel.

Adult Bible Study

Fr Lawrence Farley brings his exegetical skills to bear on the Song of Songs, one of the shortest but richest and most difficult books of the Bible. This balanced, verse-by-verse commentary examines the text on two main levels: both as a beautiful image of the love and the bond shared between man and woman in marriage, and as an icon of the great mystery toward which human marriage points: Christ and the Church (Eph 5.32).  Most Tuesday evenings 7:15 at the church.  Check Sunday announcements and calendar page for cancellations.

Sunday Weekly Announcements
Here is the selection of the week:

“The One Who used humble words with Paul, His persecutor, used the same humble words with the Pharisee. Humility is so powerful that even the all conquering God did not conquer without it. Humility was even able to bear the burden of a stiff-necked nation in the desert. Moses, the humblest of men, was given charge of the nation that was the most stubborn of all men. God, Who needed nothing to save His people, later found Himself in need of the humility of Moses just to abide the grumbling and complaining of (His) critics. Only humility could tolerate the perversity of a nation that dismissed signs in Egypt as well as wonders in the desert. Whenever pride caused divisions in the nation, the prayer of humility healed their divisions. Now, if the humility of a tongue-tied man endured six hundred thousand, how much more does His humility endure, Who granted speech to the tongue-tied! For the humility of Moses is a (mere) shadow of the humility of our Lord.” St. Ephrem the Syrian.




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Orthodox Church in America

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Diocese of Midwest

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Online giving now available for Mother Maria Ministry

CHICAGO, IL [MW Diocese Communications] —The new website for the Mother Maria of Paris Charitable Ministry is now live, thanks to the work of Fr. Joel Wilson. The website can be found at

Online Giving Now Available for the Mother Maria MinistryPerhaps the most important function of the new website is that it allows users to process online donations for the Mother Maria Ministry's fundraising campaigns. Shortly after the website went public, the Mother Maria Ministry received a $1,000 donation to match the Ministry's donation to Orthodox Detroit Outreach of the same amount. Please share the link to the Ministry's fundraising campaigns on your Facebook accounts, in emails, and on social media, to maximize its effectiveness throughout the Diocese of the Midwest.

The new website features ministries in the Diocese of the Midwest as well as in the OCA and in other jurisdictions and pan-Orthodox nonprofits. The site will be a place for parishes and individual Orthodox Christians to share ideas and learn about best practices concerning ministry work. In addition, it will also be a place to learn about the life and work of St. Maria Skobtsova, whose example this ministry seeks to imitate.

If you have any questions or would like your ministry to be highlighted on the website, contact Fr. Jonathan Lincoln at






Orthodox Christian Women of Michigan (OCW)


The purpose of the Orthodox Christian Women of Michigan is to serve God, the faithful of His Orthodox Church and the world.  This purpose shall be fulfilled through programs and charitable works that promote Orthodox unity, fellowship, witness, Orthodox Christian values, lay leadership and education, spiritual growth and renewal and interpersonal support.

Annual dues of $20.00 is applied to presentations, speakers, and other related activities, charitable works, mailing supplies and postage.  Please make your check payable to:  Orthodox Christian Women of Michigan and mail to:

Loretta Gates

37 Scotsdale Drive

Troy, MI 48084

Include your name, address, phone number and email address.





Ancient Faith Ministries

Ancient Faith Ministries exists to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through accessible and excellently-crafted publications and creative media that educate, edify, and evangelize, leading to a living experience of God through His Holy Orthodox Church.  Music, podcasts, publishing, and online store.