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Martyr Callistratus and 49 companions


Saint Callistratus was a native of Carthage. An ancestor of Saint Callistratus, Neochorus, had served under the emperor Tiberius in Palestine, under the command of Pontius Pilate, the procurator of Judea, and was a witness to the suffering on the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, His voluntary death and glorious Resurrection.

The saint’s father was a Christian, and he raised his son in faith and piety. Also like his father, Saint Callistratus became a soldier and excelled among his pagan military comrades by his good conduct and gentle disposition.

At night when everyone slept, he usually stayed up at prayer. Once, a soldier sleeping nearby heard Saint Callistratus invoking the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and he reported this to the military commander, who in turn summoned Callistratus, interrogated him and wanted to make him offer sacrifice to idols. The saint resolutely refused to do this, so the military commander ordered that the saint be beaten. Then, covered with wounds, the saint was dragged over sharp stones. The beating and the torments did not sway the firm will and brave endurance of the sufferer.

The saint was sewn up in a leather sack and drowned in the sea. By God’s mercy, however, the sack struck a sharp rock and was torn open. Saint Callistratus came to dry land unharmed, carried by dolphins. Viewing such a miracle, forty-nine soldiers came to believe in Christ. Then the military commander threw Saint Callistratus and the believing soldiers into prison. Before this, all of them were subjected to innumerable floggings.

In jail Saint Callistatus continued to preach the Word of God to the soldiers and he bolstered their spirits for martyrdom. Summoned again before the military commander, the sufferers firmly confessed their faith in Christ, after which they were bound hand and foot and thrown into the depths of a great lake behind a dam. But there their bonds broke, and with bright faces the holy martyrs stood in the water, rejoicing in their Baptism, which coincided with the act of martyrdom.

Beautiful bright crowns appeared over their heads, and all heard a voice: “Be brave, Callistratus, with your company, and come rest in the eternal habitations.” At the same time, the earth shuddered and an idol standing nearby fell down and smashed. Seeing this, another 135 soldiers also believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. The military commander, fearing a mutiny in the army, did not put them on trial, but again imprisoned Saint Callistratus with his 49 companions, where they fervently prayed and gave thanks to the Creator for giving them power to endure such sufferings.

At night the martyrs were cut to pieces with swords by order of the military commander. Their holy relics were buried by the 135 soldiers who remained alive. Later, a church was built on the spot of their sufferings, as Saint Callistatus had foretold.

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Meet Fr. Dimitrie Vincent

 Fr. Dimitrie Vincent, born in Detroit, MI, is a 3rd generation Orthodox Christian. His great grandparents, immigrant Romanian Orthodox Christians from Transylvania, arrived in the United States in the early 1900s’. He is currently the Spiritual adviser and segment producer for DOOR (“Detroit’s Own Orthodox Radio” on WNZK, 690 AM) and Spiritual adviser of the Orthodox Brotherhood National Auxiliary, Romanian Episcopate, OCA.

Father Dimitrie was ordained a Deacon in 1981, a Priest in 1982 and was elevated to the rank of Archpriest in 2004. Father has served in the Orthodox Church in America, (Romanian Episcopate and Albanian Archdiocese) and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. He has held numerous responsibilities on the diocesan level and has recently been elected as Vice-president of the Romanian-American Heritage Center, Grass Lake, Michigan.

Father Dimitrie’s academic training includes undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies. He entered college as a B.F.A. student, with a concentration in jewelry, only to major in Comparative Religions and History and minor in Art History at Western Michigan University (‘76). Coursework was taken at the Medieval Institute (Kalamazoo, MI) before he moved to New York. Fr, Dimitrie received his Masters of Divinity degree at St. Vladimir’s Theological Seminary in Crestwood, NY (‘82) and did PhD studies in Historical Theology at St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri in the mid-80s’.

He chaired the Art Program at Weston Technical Academy (99-05) and received his K-12 teaching certification as an Art Educator at Eastern Michigan University simultaneously. He completed his Welding certification program at Schoolcraft College a few years later. He has maintained a working Art studio over these years.

On November 25, 2017, Archpriest Dimitrie Vincent suffered a serious spinal cord injury, a broken neck and damaged rotator cuff.  A life-long Ice Hockey player “Fr. D” was injured in an over 60, non-checking, hockey league game.  He was paralyzed from the neck down at the time of his injury.  God’s healing Grace worked through the medical wisdom of doctors and staff in two surgeries, two (2) years of intense work with therapists and trainers and the love, prayers and support of the whole community: family, friends and faithful.  Father Dimitrie is now back on his feet serving God and the Church.

Covid-19 Updates

St. Mark is Re-opening.  Please email to schedule attendance.  If you are scheduled to attend and will not be able to please email to give opportunties to others.  If switching with others please be sure total attendance is 50 or less.


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The OCA website provides a wealth of educational, ministry, and liturgical resources.

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Read messages from Bishop Paul and learn about news in the Diocese.  Find resources for Bible study, missions, and liturgical music.  Our Life in Christ bulletins found here:

Online giving now available for Mother Maria Ministry

CHICAGO, IL [MW Diocese Communications] —The new website for the Mother Maria of Paris Charitable Ministry is now live, thanks to the work of Fr. Joel Wilson. The website can be found at

Perhaps the most important function of the new website is that it allows users to process online donations for the Mother Maria Ministry's fundraising campaigns. Shortly after the website went public, the Mother Maria Ministry received a $1,000 donation to match the Ministry's donation to Orthodox Detroit Outreach of the same amount. Please share the link to the Ministry's fundraising campaigns on your Facebook accounts, in emails, and on social media, to maximize its effectiveness throughout the Diocese of the Midwest.

The new website features ministries in the Diocese of the Midwest as well as in the OCA and in other jurisdictions and pan-Orthodox nonprofits. The site will be a place for parishes and individual Orthodox Christians to share ideas and learn about best practices concerning ministry work. In addition, it will also be a place to learn about the life and work of St. Maria Skobtsova, whose example this ministry seeks to imitate.

If you have any questions or would like your ministry to be highlighted on the website, contact Fr. Jonathan Lincoln at






Orthodox Christian Women of Michigan (OCW)


OCW Events Have Been Cancelled Until Further Notice Due to COVID 19 Response Directives.



The purpose of the Orthodox Christian Women of Michigan is to serve God, the faithful of His Orthodox Church and the world.  This purpose shall be fulfilled through programs and charitable works that promote Orthodox unity, fellowship, witness, Orthodox Christian values, lay leadership and education, spiritual growth and renewal and interpersonal support.

Annual dues of $20.00 is applied to presentations, speakers, and other related activities, charitable works, mailing supplies and postage.  Please make your check payable to:  Orthodox Christian Women of Michigan and mail to:

Loretta Gates

37 Scotsdale Drive

Troy, MI 48084

Include your name, address, phone number and email address.





Ancient Faith Ministries

Ancient Faith Ministries exists to carry out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through accessible and excellently-crafted publications and creative media that educate, edify, and evangelize, leading to a living experience of God through His Holy Orthodox Church.  Music, podcasts, publishing, and online store.

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