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All donations are 100% tax deductible (regardless of your method of giving). You will receive a letter summarizing your donations after the close of the year.

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New lighting captial campaign



"Generation to generation shall praise Your works and they shall declare Your power." Psalm 144:4

We are now in the process of raising funds to update the lighting in our temple. World renowned architect and craftsman Andrew Gould is in the process of fabricating 3 new chandeliers (horos) for our parish. Please help us reach our goal!

  1. main chandelier ($30,000)
  2. (2) chandelier for sides ($2500 each)
  3. Lutron dimming system ($TBD)
  4. (12) side sconces ($TBD each)
  5. updated lighting in narthex ($TBD)


In addition to our tithe, almsgiving is an important part of the Christian life. Especially during fasting seasons, almsgiving coupled with prayer and fasting is at the heart of our spiritual practice. At St Mark we take offerings for the following:



For those who attend a particular church regularly, tithes and consistent stewardship at that church is very important. It is one of the simplest ways that we can make an offering of ourselves directly to God through His Church and make enough room within ourselves to receive His blessing in return (Mal. 3:10–12).

How should I give?
We give to God of our first-fruits (before anything else) and with a cheerful disposition (2 Cor. 9:7), understanding that everything we have is a gift from God.

How much should I give?
100%! As Christians we commend “ourselves, each other, and all our lives to God”; this is possible as can be seen in the lives of the saints. However, the most common practice today is still the Old Testament standard of giving 10% of our income before bills or taxes (Lev. 27:30–34).

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